I use a photo-journalistic, story-telling, approach to wedding, engagements and lifestyle family photography so that when you view your photos you get to relive the unforgettable day each time.  My primary focus is on candid shots to preserve the happiness and emotions of the day.  I like to capture sincere moments when you're not looking!  

But I make sure to include all the very important wedding portraits of you, family and friends, the wedding party, as well as the beautiful detail shots of the things which you've put so much time and effort into making sure were perfect ♥


Engagements & Portraits

Most importantly I want you to have fun and be the star of the day at your engagement or portrait session. 

Theme & location ideas are welcome as I am very open to working with whatever ideas you have in mind.  But if you can't think of a location, I have some great ideas, too.

A couple of different outfits to provide variety to your shoot are always a great idea.  For example, you can bring some casual clothes for a park; and you can bring something more formal or dressy for another location.  Let your creativity run wild!  

Personal props add some fun and whimsy to shoots and are always helpful at easing photography jitters.  They let you focus on something else rather than the big honking plastic thing snapping away at you.  Props ideas are endless but to give you some ideas: big letters of your initials, banners with an announcement, balloons, flowers, picnic items, chalkboard signs and sayings, child or baby items, etc.  Even the place  where you met at the park, school, or wherever!... can be used as a prop :)

For those that can't think of any props they would like to use, I like to bring a couple of props of my own (just in case!) for you to use :)


More Tips for What to Wear:

Choose whatever represents who you are and your style, but also something you are comfortable in.  Moments captured in time will look fantastic when you feel and look confident in what you're wearing.  

If you are looking for more subtle, formal portraits, go for colors that blend well together and bring attention to your faces, such as neutrals and pastels.  

If you are looking for fun & sassy, then bold, bright colors/prints/patterns will help you achieve that. 

And while anything with big, bold words usually doesn't work well in photos, it is totally acceptable if your main objective is to help promote something.

Ladies, if you plan to wear heels for your shoot, I recommend to also bring a pair of flats to help keep your feet happy.. because Happy Feet = Happy You! ♥