I love photography and I especially love to capture great moments.

I am a professional wedding and portrait photographer located in Atlanta, GA. I would love to shoot your event, family photos, or personal portraits.

I live with the most amazing person in the world - my husband Robert! We do lots of fun and interesting things together and have many hobbies. There is never a dull moment with our adventures, and our four furbabes help keep us company and entertained.  We have two indoor cats - bipolar Roxy & sweet boy Jack, and two comically different and beloved dogs you see above - our adopted dachshund Charlie and spoiled rotten Dobe Bella.


My most favoritest things?  In no particular order: running, pizza with anchovies, being near the ocean,  sweet tooth quenchers a.k.a. desserts & fruits!, coffee (and tea), memorable and overly dramatic movies, great books, hikes, and most importantly, my family.

Thanks for reading about me but I truly hope I get to know more about you! Take a look around and shoot me an e-mail.  I hope to hear from you soon :)